Fire Peach has one mission: to bring you the best and most authentic live 90s rock experience.  

Born from humble beginnings in San Francisco, Fire Peach has gone through many incarnations, each better than the last. One thing has remained constant: a commitment to bringing amazing energy, relentless musical prowess, and a non-stop spirit of fun to every performance.  

Fire Peach has a set list sure to elicit warm and fuzzy nostalgia, playing all the songs you love from the 90s and 00s (as well as some you forgot about!). Fire Peach guarantees to get the crowd dancing and singing along as they relive the best musical genre of the past…well, forever! 

Join us at our next show for the best 90's rock cover band experience around!



Fire Peach is: 

Robert Atkinson - Bass/Vox 

Neal Engelhaupt - Guitar/Vox

Fredrik Foresman - Guitar/Vox 

Dennis Willoner - Drums